Clocks & Watches

We stock a large number of watches and clocks. To ensure the you have the best choice of style, colour and shape we continue to stock quality watches from the following brands: 






Sgian Dubh co.

We carry a great selection from all of our trusty suppliers for ladies, gents and children; to suit all personalities and needs.

  • Metal, leather & rubber straps.
  • Expandable & extra long straps.
  • Digital & analog watches.
  • Pocket watches.

It’s always nice to treat yourself and loved ones to something new, however please don’t hesitate to get your favourite watch repaired with us. As with jewellery, we are sympathetic towards the sentimental value of timepieces.


Forbes Jewellers have an array clocks which are available in a wide range of size, colour, shape and aesthetic. From the classic wall clock, through to musical chime clocks and even novelty miniature clocks.

A small selection of wall clocks can be seen within our window displays on Tain High Street, and the rest of our stock in store!

Here are some of the other types of clocks that we currently have in stock:

  • Mantle clocks
  • Carriage Clocks
  • Miniature Novelty Clocks (in the shape of footballs, cars etc)
  • Alarm Clocks

Barometers & Galileos

Keeping an eye on how the weather changes can be truly fascinating with one of the barometers or galileo’s we stock. With variety of sizes to choose from, every home will find a space to accommodate these wonderful instruments.

Visit our shop in Tain to see our full range.