Bethany Range


The Bethany range is exclusive to Forbes Jewellers and it is has proved very popular since it was introduced in 2010.  Bethany is split into two collections: Bethany Beads and Bethany Silver.

Bethany Beads

We stock a large collection of silver charms and glass beads to allow you to create your very own unique Bethany Necklace or Bracelet.

Prices start from £8 per charm, making Bethany beads very affordable.

Many people choose their charms based on what is happening in their lives at that particular time and that is what makes Bethany beads such a personal gift. We stock a large number of charms making sure that you can always find the perfect one for you. Examples include, flowers, hearts, ‘love’charms, dice, prams, skulls, animals and many many more. There is a large selection in a variety of colours to suit your needs.  You can add to your jewellery as the years go on and your end result is that you own a very personal necklace/bracelet that tells your ‘story’.

Some people choose to create their bracelets/necklaces based simply on colour choice. For example you could have a set of charms in a ‘red’ theme and another set in  a ‘blue’ theme and you would simply alternate your beads as required.

You can even purchase your necklaces / bracelets that have been made up in advance.

Bethany now stock Shamballa style bracelets in a variety of stunning colours and these are available at very affordable prices.

Bethany Silver

Our silver range is proving very popular. All pieces within our Bethany Silver range are vibrant, bold and very modern.

Exclusive to Forbes Jewellers, our Bethany Silver range includes necklaces, rings, earrings and more.

Visit our shop in Tain to see our Bethany products for yourself.